Leave your worries, and your shoes, at the door.

If the soles of your shoes could talk they would tell quite a story as to where you have been. And while the places you go may be full of fun, the things you pick up on your feet are not. As we bop around town our shoes pick up bacteria, chemicals, germs, oil, lead, petroleum by-products, fecal matter (yes, that’s poop) and more.

Now let’s do a simple exercise:

Raise your hand if you like to clean your floors…

Raise your hand if you like to dust…

Raise your hand if you want your floors getting marked up…

Raise your hand if you want poop tracked all over your house…

Do you see where I am going with this?

Take off your gosh darn shoes at the door. 

I know many of you reading this have young children, some have babies. When we walk through our homes leaving traces on our floors, rugs and carpets, our babies crawl around then put their hands in their mouth. Nobody wants a kid with a poopy mouth.

Of course there can be exceptions to the rule. It’s your house. You make the rules. If you’re hosting a fancy affair or have guests that are too frail to take off their shoes, you may want to let this one go. Just leave a mat by the door so at the very least some of their dirt will be left there.

I also get that it doesn’t always feel polite to ask guests to take their shoes off when they come over. Suck it up. Or offer them a pair of house slippers if it makes you feel better. Or take the pressure off yourself by investing in a subtle (or not so subtle) door mat.shoes off bitches

In most countries throughout the world it is customary to remove shoes at the door and considered a sign of respect to do so. In some places they are even left outside. Here in the home of the free we take the freedom of wearing shoes a little too seriously.

I keep a boot scraper like this outside my back door so we can take excess dirt off our shoes before coming inside.boot scraperI also keep shoe booties on-hand for times when I have workers in my house. If you’re paying someone to clean your house it’s counterproductive to let them wear their shoes all over it. Try leaving a basket near the door with your non-toxic (wink, wink) cleaning products and booties for them to wear.cleaning supplies

This is one tip that is free, simple and available to all. Leave your shoes at the door. Your house and your health will thank you.

3 thoughts on “Leave your worries, and your shoes, at the door.

  1. Amen!!!! I love it and you for keeping it real. Yep, I agree that it’s kinda weird to have to ask the cleaning ladies to remove their shoes. I used to have a sign on the 2nd floor to remind folks to remove their shoes. I should get a new one. And I like the idea of that door mat. Time to get some more booties for the workers too. Thanks for putting this out there!

  2. When I interviewed my current cleaning lady she slipped off her flats when I answered the door so the issue never arose. She and two other woman clean our home weekly. They always enter though the rear door and leave their shoes there.. Two prefer to work in their socks while the other two put on slippers

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