This is how we “party.”

Last night I spoke to a group of women about environmental health. About 30 minutes into the event my friend’s 10 year old daughter walked into the room. She looked at us and declared, “so this is how you party??” She threw her two pointer and middle fingers in the air to make quotes when she said “party.”

Well, my friends… it’s true. My days of ordering pizzas at midnight and going out at 11:30 p.m. are behind me. (I will speak for myself because maybe some of you are still hip, cool, young and fun). Those sleepless nights of partying have been replaced with discussions about cleaning sprays, toothpaste, organic mattresses, yoga and sunscreen.

Did someone say SUNSCREEN!!??

Oh, the annual discussion about sunscreen. Which one isn’t going to kill you. Which one makes your skin too white. Which company is getting sued because too many people burned when they used it. Which ones can we pack in our kids camp bag that they can put on themselves. And then every year there is a report that comes out and we always find the one we attached ourselves to last summer has somehow gone from getting a 2 rating to a 4… and that just won’t do.  You can make yourself crazy trying to figure out what’s what.

So, here is the plain and easy:

  • Seek the shade when you can.
  • Avoid the sun during peak hours when possible (10ish to 2ish). I know. Not so ideal.
  • Use sun-protective clothing. (Bonus that hats and rash guards are currently very fashionable).
  • Wear sunscreen.
  • Wear sunscreen often. (Apply every one-two hours).
  • Wear enough sunscreen. (Enough to fill a shot glass).
  • Make sure your sunscreen is “broad-spectrum” with a SPF of 50 or less. (Anything over 50 is useless and can cause more harm than good).
  • Avoid products with questionable ingredients when you can because you can. (I choose non-nano zinc oxide when possible).
  • Skip the aerosol sprays.

And with all this in mind, remember…

  • Bad sunscreen is better than no sunscreen.

Again, the key to living a healthier life is to reduce our overall burden. The less crap we put in and on our bodies the better. But life happens and sometimes the better choice isn’t available (i.e. this afternoon when I left our sunscreen at home).

Here is what’s currently in my pool bag and what I plan to use for a summer full of fun, sun and plenty of “parties.”

Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30* ($39)

  • Pros
    • Goes on practically clear
    • Light scent
    • Non-nano zinc oxide
    • Filters for UVA/B and Blue Light
  •  Cons
    • Price







Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Stick SPF 30* ($20)

  • Pros
    • Goes on clear
    • Easy to apply
    • Nice smell
    • Filters UVA/B and Blue Light
    • Easy to pack for camp so kids can apply it to their own faces
  • Cons
    • Price

Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Spray Mist SPF 30 ($36)

  • Pros
    • Goes on white so you can tell how much you are applying
    • Rubs in easily
    • Easy to apply
    • Smells good
    • Filters UVA/B and Blue Light
  • Cons
    • Price
    • Filters for UVA/B and Blue Light



SS_Everyday_3.4oz_CSprayGoddess Garden Organics Everyday Continuous Spray Natural Sunscreen ($21.99)

  • Pros
    • Easy to apply, non-aeresol spray
    • Non-nano particles
  • cons
    • Formula is a little whiter than I remember it being in the past
    • Ratings tend to go up and down a bit
    • Most people who use sprays don’t tend to use enough
    • Price

  dew skinDew Skin Tinted Moisturizer ($45)

  • pros
    • Moisture, sun protection and coverage in one
    • Zinc oxide based tinted solution
    • SPF 20
    • Great for days spent in the sun where you still want to have some coverage
    • Non-nano particles
    • Can be used under makeup
    • Push nozzle that makes dispensing easy
    • Natural looking
  • cons
    • Since sunscreen has to be re-applied every few hours, re-application is a little tricky if you are wearing makeup over it.
    • Thicker somewhat sticky (“dewy”) texture
    • If you’re looking for high coverage, try something else.
    • As with all Beautycounter products, the company doesn’t supply samples. You have to either make an educated guess on color or work with a consultant who may be able to supply you with guidance or a sample.

If you want to learn more about what’s in your sunscreen you can visit the Environmental Working Group’s 2016 Guide to Sunscreens to look up what you have or search for better alternatives.

* Full disclosure. I am a Beautycounter consultant. I sell it because it aligns with my mission and because I genuinely love many of the products.





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